Plasma Shock Freezer

Release time:2016-8-3      Reads:2726

Baso Plasma Freezing System

(Intelligent Temperature Control)

Baso's Plasma Freezing System with Intelligent Temperature Control is the world's first plasma freezing instrument that conforms with international standards and all applicable Chinese laws. It includes a data management system for plasma freezing that can track the plasma bag's core temperature and simultaneously monitor freezing time during the whole process.


1. Low Temperature Output

    Upper and lower cold plates can reach a temperature of -55℃.

2. Data Traceability and Quality Management

    "Simulated Plasma QC Bag (Patented technology)"

    Baso's Plasma Freezing System includes a simulated plasma QC bag, a patented technology that tracks

    plasma freezing performance and provides quality control.

    "Soft-Touch Technology (Patented technology)"

    Using patented flexible cushion, the different quantity of plasma that causes uneven distribution and even

    leads to different freezing results can be overcome. Experimental data shows that flexible cushion can

    enhance the freezing effect by over 20%.

3. Intelligent Operation System

    Equipped 32G electronic drive for data storage;

    Equipped Windows system for wide compatibility and easy operation;

    Outer scanner, remote monitor system can be directly connected;

    Data can be sent and received wirelessly;


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