Reticulocyte Stain

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Reticulocyte Stain


Intended use:

Baso Reticulocyte stain is intended for the intravital staining of reticulocytes and it is different from the traditional method which requires counterstain to distinguish the reticulocyte from mature erythrocytes. The background of the staining is very bright and clear, and will not be affected by excessive staining. For an extended staining, the background will become brighter.



Reticulocyte is the intergradation from late-young red blood cells to mature cells. Because there are still basophilic RNA in reticulocyte plasma, after stained, light or dark blue reticulations will be visible under the microscope.



1. Mix Reticulocyte stain and patient whole blood by 1:1. Let it stand for 20 minutes or longer at room


2. Prepare blood smear and examine the finished slide under a microscope.



Contents 6vialsx20ml/kit 2Btlsx100ml/kit Components
Reticulocyte stain 6x20ml 2x100ml New Methylene blue



1. This is a tube staining method.

2. Staining time should be appropriate. Do not preparesmear immediately after mixing the specimen and stain.

    Extend the staining time if the room temperature is low in winter.

3. For kit storage, avoid exposure to extreme high or low temperature and sunlight.