Flagella Stain

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Flagella Stain



Flagellum is a locomotory appendage responsible formotility of most motile bacteria of certain taxonomic groups. It can be observed under electron microscopy, or coated with stain until it is thick enough to be seen under light microscope. Examining the number and location of bacteria flagella is a popular method for identifying bacteria.



Contents 3vialsx20ml/kit Components
Solution A 1vialx20ml Fuchsin
Solution B 1vialx20ml Tannic acid
Solution C 1vialx20ml Potassium Alum
Filtrating bottle for working reagent    



1. Clean slides are important for flagella staining.

2. Use new slides. First clean slides with cleanser, then dip slides in a 3% hydrochloric acid alcohol for over 2

    days. Before use, remove the slides from the acid alcohol, rinse with distilled water and air dry.


Expected Results:

Both strain and flagella will appear bright red.

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