TB Stain (Fluorescence Method)

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TB Stain

(Fluorescence Method)

Intended use:

For identification of acid-fast bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium, which includes the tuberculosis-causing Mycobacterium tuberculosis



When the acid-fast bacteria are stained by fluorescent dye Auramine O, bright orange-yellow fluorescence can be easily detected by UV-fluorescence microscope under low magnification. It is faster to screen acid-fast bacteria using this fluorescence kit than the Carbolfuchsin stain.



1. Fix smear, then add Solution A to stain for 15 minutes at room temperature or under heat for 5 minutes. Rinse with water gently.

2. Decolorize for 1~2 minutes with Solution B. Rinse with water gently.

3. Counterstain with Solution C for 2~4 minutes. If counterstain for too long, the fluorescence will disappear. Rinse with water gently.

4. Air dry and then examine the finished smear in the black background.







Auramine O dye


Auramine O

Acid Alcohol


0.5% hydrochloric acid ethanol

Counterstain solution


0.5% potassium permanganate



1. All positive smears should be restained by Kinyoun and Ziehl-Neelsen methods for confirmation.

2. The Auramine O dye included in this kit is very stable and will not precipitate. As a result, the fluorescence would not disappear.


Expected Results:

The acid-fast mycobacteria appear bright orange yellow in black background, while the debris in the background are in light yellow.