Polybrene Test Kit

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Polybrene Test Kit


It is designed to perform screening tests for complete and incomplete antibody, as well as to be applied to blood cross-matching in blood banks.

Order No. Name Specifications
BA1001 Polybrene Test Kit 75 Tests
BA1002 Polybrene Test Kit 150 Tests
BA1003 Polybrene Test Kit 400 Tests
BA1003A Polybrene Test Kit 130ml
BA1003B Polybrene Test Kit 20ml
BA1003C Polybrene Test Kit 20ml



  • The surface of red blood cells carries large amount of negative charge, so that auto-agglutination of red blood cells is avoided. When red blood cells are suspended in electrolyte, cation will be attracted by the negative charge of red blood cells. Red blood cells are surrounded by the diffused double-layer ion clouds, and form zeta potential, which determines the repellent action among red blood cells.
  • Polybrene technique utilizes Low Ionic Medium (LIM) to lower the ionic strength of media and diminish cationic clouds around red blood cells, in order to enhance the binding of antibody between RBC and serum (or plasma).
  • Furthermore, with addition of Polybrene reagent, which contains high valence cationic polymer and heparin neutralizer, and after dissolving, it will generate lots of positive charges to neutralize the negative charges on the surface of RBC, as well as to lower its zeta potential and shorten the distance among RBC and produce non-specific agglutination. In consequence, non-specific agglutination of normal RBC shall be dispersed by addition of Resuspending Reagent, which can neutralize polybrene, the test result is interpreted as “Negative”. If RBC is sensitized by the corresponding antibody, agglutination will be produced by polybrene and shall not be dispersed, the test result is interpreted as “Positive”.