Standardized Centrifuge

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Baso Standardized Centrifuge



1. Micoprocessor control; set default the permanent centrifugal program button for blood grouping; cross

    matching, antibody screening and cell separation; more program button reserved for user setting;

2. Display and setting function for the special rotational speed and RCF which can be set directly;

3. Adopt countdown for the effective centrifugal time;


Technical Parameters:


Model No. 

BaSO 2005

Max. RCF

Electric Control Unit

Microprocessor control system;

Dynamic display the RCF and rotational speed, convvertilbe sbsolute centrifugal force and relative centrifugal force;

Memory unit; specially set 2-group of permanent centrifugal program button (cell separation and special for blood bank), and then provide 5-group one for user setting;

Instant centrifugal function;

Safe Device

Compensation device (about 10g) and auto-power-off device under the unbalance centrifugal;

Over-heating protection unit for motor;

Three-point suspension balance system;

Automatic power off while the lid is opening; electric and mechanic combination lock, more save for the users;


1s-99min; 59s digit time unit; 

Adopt countdown for the effective centrifugal time, it is under precise control;

Braking System

Auto-break system, 5-7s stop without downtime;

Power Supply

110/220V 50/60Hz;

Casing Volume

10ml/15ml x 12pcs


8.5 KGS


290 x 320 x 245 mm