Iron Stain

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Iron Stain


Intended Use:

This kit is for staining bone marrow cell and bloodcell smear.



Iron is stored in bone marrow as hemosiderin which makes nucleated erythrocytes to synthesize to hemoglobin. Iron stored outside of red blood cells is called extracellular iron. Iron granules are found in somepolychromatophilic normoblast, orthochromatic normoblast and mature red blood cells. Those cells are respectively called sideroblasts and siderocytes which belong tointracellular iron. This iron stain is based on the Prussian blue reaction. Acid potassium ferrocyanide reacts with intracellular iron and extracellular iron to form an insoluble blue ferric ferrocyanide
precipitate in iron depots of cells.



Contents 5Tests/Kit 20Tests/Kit 100Tests/Kit Components
Potassium Ferrocyanide
(solution A)
1vial×5ml 1vial×20ml 1vial×100ml Potassium
Hydrochloric Acid
(solution B)
1vial×5ml 1vial×20ml 1vial×100ml Hydrochloric Acid
Nuclear Fast Red (solution C) 1vial×5ml 1vial×20ml 1vial×100ml Nuclear Fast Red



Working solution Preparation (for 1 test only): Add1ml of solution A and solution B into a tube. Mix thoroughly.